Health Problems Have Thrown A Wrench In My Plans
Going Out of Business
Sale Ends July 22, 2016!

These Purchases Do NOT Include Hosting
Please Make Sure You Have Hosting
Setup Before Making Purchase

All Sites Have Network Supers
Some Sites Are Network Supers

Once payment is received, please give me up to 24 hours to get everything setup. I will need to pay out commissions owed and setup the site for a new owner. I will need to release the domain to your Registrar. So please make sure you setup a support ticket so we can get started with this process.

Please understand, I am very sick. Anyone that has worked with me before knows nothing is more important than support for my owners. You will hear from me within no less than 24 hours. If you don't hear from me within 24 hours then please open another ticket.

ALL SALES ARE FINAL - Your will have my support as much as humanly possible. Plus no one knows my scripts better than Roger Hoover.

Dee's Little Corner
Site Has 520 Members
Executive Scripts - $140.00

Site Has 200 Members
Concept Scripts - $105.00

Xchange Your Ads
Site Has 1170 Members
Super JV Scripts - $140.00

Solo Mania
Site Has 70 Members
Latest Scripts - $105.00

Zoned For Traffic
Site Has 1000 Members
Executive Scripts - $140.00

Total Traffic
Site Has 150 Members
Super JV Script - $80.00

Eagle 1 FFA
Site Has 300 Members
Super JV Script - $105.00

Pro List Mailer
Site Has 160 Members
Newest Scripts - $105.00

Webs Best Lists
Site Has 20 Members
3 Sites In One - $105.00

Dynamic Ads
Brand New Site
Brand New Script - $105.00

Electro Mail
Site Has 30 Members
New Script - $105.00

Guaranteed Click Ads
Site Has 220 Members
Concept Script - $140.00

Network Select
Site Has 770 Members
Super JV Script - $140.00

Paragon Ads Mailer
Site Has 400 Members
LMFVW Script - $140.00

Universal Solo Ads
Site Has 1900 Members
New Script - $160.00

All Around Ads
Site Has 55 Members
New Script - $105.00

Top Choice Ads
Site Has 130 Members
Super JV Script - $105.00

FreeWolves Marketing
Site Has 220 Members
Must live in US - $105.00